Monday, March 7, 2016

Beauty in Your Bag

What's in your bag?

Here is a short list of 6 Simple go-to make up items that will get you through the day and into the night:

1. foundation  (look for one that contains an SPF &  a moisturizer) BB Creams are really versatile. *be sure to pack a sponge or foundation brush.
2. an eye shadow duo or small purse sized palette *to transition to night, go in and wing out the deepest of the pallet or the duo to make a "quickie" smokey eye.
3. mascara/eyeliner *reapply from day to night and wing out the liner so that it is more significant to be seen in lower light.
4. blush    *to update place bove your contour lines.
5. gloss or lipstick
6. eye shadow brush, multi-use brush,foundation brush

This is a well rounded bag. For myself I would add a few things, a q-tip, makeup sponge,concealer and perhaps a lipstick pencil.

But if you are out this small bag of essentials will keep you looking your best~

What's in your bag?Image result for beauty bag

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