Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Very Beautiful Quick & Free Tips!

While some of you may already be using these, there are many that have never even considered the possibilities! So here are a few easy-peasy tips for tough economic times:

First thing: always shop the drug store for your make-up, not only are the (off-brand/store-brand)or popular brand name cosmetics good-most of the time they even beat out high end department store brands! They are not only cheaper, they are as effective and at times prove to "work" even better than their competitors.

Second: tools and implements such as eyelash curlers,tweezers, curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers and such are cheaper and work as effectively as high-end items if purchased at large food sellers(Meijer & Walmart), and discount stores
such as places like Target,or Kmart.

Third: Always check beauty supply stores, most things other than hair-dyes and certain relaxers may be purchased by the general public.

When to go high-end? Need to go somewhere fabulous? Get a make over at a favorite beauty counter. Resist any hard sell to get you to buy something, and there you have it looking great as you leave with all new high-end products on your face! Always collect the take-home samples, for further use-they may take a phone number/e-mail address and will "bug" you possible regarding the products.

Beauty for fun:

Take out all the samples perfumes from your Sunday newspaper: use them a new scent each day-will make anyone feel beautiful! If you don't want to actually use them open them and use them a drawer sachets! Stick them in your laundry room, in your luggage, car, or even in the locker at the gym!

Always collect as many freebies as possible: go directly to a web-site of a product you love and most will have you sign up for e-mail and in return you get a small sample/or coupon.

And lastly, Turn over you bottles! Seriously I know your parents do this (um can you say Ketchup bottle?) Alot is wasted in shampoo/conditioner & lotion bottles-turn over for another few more days or applications you will be surprised by what you throw away!

Always remember the most beautiful make overs for free are sleep & smiles! They both make all the difference in your world and to those around and that's beautiful and free!