Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Trends for 2016

Since February the runways have been filled with all of the Spring trends that are hitting the stores with fury right now.

Here's some of the new trends you'll be seeing and wearing:

Any type of Bomber style jacket, hottest are light leathers (for men too) to ward off the chilly days and nights of up and down Spring weather.

Updated cotton/silky button down blouses in florals, stripes,and modified leopard prints, and ruffles, ruffles and ruffles!

Exposing the shoulders: from dresses to tops and blouses, off the shoulder and shoulder cut outs will become the norm. From silks to cottons to dress up or dress down off the shoulder is in!

Back to Boho.......has it ever left? Picking up steam and in summer gauze for light and airy heat relief to take through spring and summer.

High neck halter style bikinis and a return into the 70's they will be in sporty styles and in other materials like crochet. Hot stuff in the surf.

Now onto the feet, get your pedicures ready because Spring is when you take your feet out of hibernation and this Spring the "lace up" style is hot. The laces will criss-cross just above the ankles and will be in all types of materials, although summer suede is all the rage. The lace-ups will be perfect for casual looks, date night dresses and with swimwear!

And finally it's all about the finishing touches, like the big bold earrings, in drops and dangling balls and chandeliers, just be careful not to snag your shoulders!!

Have fun with all the Spring trends for 2016Prada-statement-earrings-2
*Photo credit Prada Wrecking Ball earrings

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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Beautiful Brain

Did you ever think of your brain when you're trying out a new beauty product?  Never.

To maintain a healthy brain, according to Johns Hopkins neurologist Barry Gordon, M.D.,
We have to do things that engage us socially. According to a 2015 study that was conducted, it's said that retirees were brought into schools to work directly with children in different school day activities and their brain shrinkage was halted by half and not only that the study concluded that their brains actually grew in volume!

So in conclusion, it's great to do a crossword or sodoku puzzle, but engage yourself with real people doing real things and you've added not only to your life, you have engaged in healthy exercise of your brain!

That's easy and oh so beautiful!

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Beauty in Your Bag

What's in your bag?

Here is a short list of 6 Simple go-to make up items that will get you through the day and into the night:

1. foundation  (look for one that contains an SPF &  a moisturizer) BB Creams are really versatile. *be sure to pack a sponge or foundation brush.
2. an eye shadow duo or small purse sized palette *to transition to night, go in and wing out the deepest of the pallet or the duo to make a "quickie" smokey eye.
3. mascara/eyeliner *reapply from day to night and wing out the liner so that it is more significant to be seen in lower light.
4. blush    *to update place bove your contour lines.
5. gloss or lipstick
6. eye shadow brush, multi-use brush,foundation brush

This is a well rounded bag. For myself I would add a few things, a q-tip, makeup sponge,concealer and perhaps a lipstick pencil.

But if you are out this small bag of essentials will keep you looking your best~

What's in your bag?Image result for beauty bag

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Meet The Winner of You On The U: Amber Mancha!

12 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl

13 Ways Of Looking At A Fat Girl

book by Mona Awad

This fictional book published by  Penguin Group USA, in paperback has 224 pages and is a current bestseller and recommended read.

It is a brilliant look at how the main character Lizzie thwarts her image obsessive culture and even her own self esteem. This is quite relate able to a lot of girls and women.

Suggested: 15 years old and up.

Dove Movement for Self-Esteem

Girls and women are constantly, on a daily basis, being bombarded with stereotypes regarding their body images. They are unrealistic and unattainable and are usually driven by a male enhanced

In 2010, the Dove Brand of the Unilever company had a vision, they wanted to widen out the definition of what is real beauty. The Dove Brand then went on and created a movement that swept the United States called The Dove Movement for Self Esteem.

If you haven't as of yet visited, please do go to the website and see the great amount of information and the advances made since their inception. It is wonderful to share with our daughters and our sons to raise strong girls and beautiful sons of vision.

Tianne and Heaven Perform to BeyoncĂ©

March is National Women's History Month

March is National Women's History Month

Women played very intricate parts in the history of the United States, but I'll be willing to bet you may not have known about them.

Please check out:  this is a link to the National Women's History Project.

This information and pamphlets are helpful to teach, inform and empower!

****For example****

On March 31, 1776,  Abigail Adams wrote to her husband John Adams, who was helping to frame the Declaration of Independence, cautions "Remember the ladies....."                                                       

Check it out!   Happy National Women's History Month!