Friday, October 5, 2018

Self-Acceptance Journey

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Love is not perfect. Ever. We are not perfect as a people either. But we see ourselves much differently than others see us. Sometimes the very act of seeking perfection can be the downfall of self-acceptance too.

In fact, many psychology and medical science sites, as well as studies, reveal that how we view ourselves is NOT how others view us.  Whether we know it or not we all disguise ourselves in many ways; sometimes in highly complex ways.

Even when people approach us and tell us we look great today, we may thank them and smile, but still, dismiss the compliment because we are carrying guilt inside for having overeaten at the party or maybe we have missed a month at the gym for example. We internalize, we make the unconscious decision that we must not look that good.


It is true that our self-image can even make a huge difference in the way we feel and act. Those on a journey of self-acceptance do realize that a healthy relationship with ourselves can only foster our relationships with others and then finally life-long happiness with ourselves in the end. 

Sadly, many studies with preteen girls and teenage women showed that if the individual deemed themselves already unpopular socially, they tended to be more likely to gain weight about 69% of the time! That's a terrible statistic. More and more companies like Unilever began to recognize the need to become more socially responsible. It was great in (2004), 2006  when the Dove and Unilever company launched their 75 second YouTube video showing how with the use of makeup and photoshop how a woman was converted into a supermodel before our eyes. It began an all-out global conversation about truth in advertising, distortion and women's self-esteem. The Dove campaign continued to go further, until the most recent installment of the Dove Campaign For Real Beauty, where their ads showed "real" unretouched women of all shapes and sizes. Not only did the campaigns show us that real women existed, these campaigns began to whittle away at the old adage that only supermodels were pretty. We saw ourselves there. We started to see and accept beauty.


Being okay with ourselves is a tough thing for many. We know that beauty is projected. We know that if we can think positively about ourselves, even finding just one thing, and try to manifest this one positive thing, we can and will slowly unravel the negative and begin to accept ourselves in ways we never knew.  So when someone gives you a compliment, just take it. Smile and know that when you do that your smile will radiate beauty.

Dove Evolution Campaign  (highlight & click to open)

*This article is in not to diagnose any problems medically or psychologically always seek a doctors opinion. This article is in response to my personal self-acceptance journey and for lifestyle enrichment.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

HOME DIY Upcycle Sign And Heartfelt Essay

Home...It is simply defined in the dictionary as a noun that is a place where one lives presently, especially as a member of a family or household.

The place where one lives is also a place where one experiences events, and seeks and finds comfort within its walls. Home truly is where your heart is. A family member of mine was experiencing some problems recently and was going through transitions that were emotional on every level.

The final healing move for her was to find herself a new home. She went looking and saw this and that and still after months of looking had not found the one. She was just about to give up looking for a while when she walked into this last one and felt a sense of calm and peace. She knew nearly immediately that this would be the house for her! When I spoke with her she told me "I knew I was home"! It radiated off her face, her smile was her heart smiling, she felt relieved and happy. This made me extremely happy too. She had a gathering at her home as soon as she could and was "moved in" and I attended and of course, I brought her an upcycled sign as a housewarming gift.

It simply says  HOME

Finished Home sign using old bar woods and found letters & objects
Here's a couple of directions if you'd like to make your own.

Finding wood or purchasing woods is the first thing you do. I like to use older pieces that I can find. One can make new wood look old with paint, and color chalk wax, and of course as much sandpaper as possible. Here I found these reclaimed wood slats at my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. A true bonus, the slats were on sale buy one get one for half price; you know I bit on that!  They are gray in color and are great looking just as they are. But I did find letters that were lighter in nature so I did want to paint it.
I did get several splinters on this project
The slats are thin, however, so I did have to glue them together. See in the foreground of this picture the Wood Glue I used. I have used many different types of glue in the past and wow some of them I am sure I lost a few brain cells on! So very strong. So I went with the Elmer's Wood Glue to be safe as I also was doing my project inside.

Here you can see me in the planning stages, I set up the found letters and flower motif and the little scroll pieces. And once again I will use my Ann Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax. I like the color Old Ochre and this time I will use the dark wax on this piece.

I amply glued the wood slats together with the wood glue and then banded them tightly together, and stuck it out on the porch.
the planning stages

I left it soaking with glue all day on the porch.

I love the quirky signs I make, I think they add a bit of levity. I almost always add something like a house number or a key or a metal flower or even silk flowers if for use only indoor (these look great as the letter "O"). I had a problem with the letter "M" this time, I wanted one in script writing but I could only find a large one! I settled for this one and immediately wanted to paint it either shocking pink or teal. I settled for the teal. I used a simple acrylic paint and also applied the dark wax over the top to seal it. I used a ton of sandpaper on this project. I scraped up the "M" and the scrolls adding the same type of paint process to the scrolls as the "M". Once the glue was dry, I dry brushed the chalk paint across both slats and did sanding, then applied a clear wax to seal it.
Note my trusted spongy brush? Use this thing everywhere! Paint here cost

My next trusted friend is my E6000 glue, which is what I normally use to apply letters and motifs. It works fabulously with the signs I have already made, so I'll continue with that. I am lucky to have found letters and objects that are not heavy. The house numbers are the heaviest thing. I make sure that a heavy object is overly glued,(i.e. book or weights are placed on top overnight). I would find it embarrassing if a project fell apart! I stuck a picture hanger on the back (it was the sharp version so easy in, and then I placed two dots of glue on it. 

I did add a bit more acrylic teal to the scroll motifs, and toweled it
off, for a subtle yet painted look. Then sanded and waxed.

I hoped you liked this DIY Upcycled Sign.

Update: The party was a success and she is happy, she's already found a little place to hang her Home sign (she loved it) and my hope is that she'll continue to smile from her heart and create tons of happy memories in her new home.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Mini Blast Ionic Blow Dryer Sephora Collection Review

I've done a lot of "little" weekend getaways this past summer and have wanted to pack as lightly as possible. That includes all the beauty gear! It's easy if your Hotel room comes with a hairdryer and if it does, it works in a superior manner, that's just one less thing to bring, correct?

Perhaps you're like my family, all of us packed into the room and waiting in line for the next person to be done using the blow dryer to use the blowdryer!

I found the cutest little blow dryer on the planet The Mini Blast

The Mini Blast has two speeds and packs 280-degree Fahrenheit heat. It is compact but still delivers a 1200 watt power just like its full-size counterpart. This Mini Blast uses Negative Ion Technology that seals the hair's cuticles, this helps to eliminate any frizz. As pictured above, the Mini Blast comes with a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser attachment for usage control.

I also enjoyed the weightlessness in your hand and the feel of the Soft touch finish that resists scratching and gives it a non-slip grip and the color (rose-gold) is a bonus. it was priced fairly at $26.00 (weight is under one pound)

I recommend this Mini Blast distributed by Sephora for Sephora Collection. It worked very well, dried my hair quickly and I know it will be easily packed into a tote or a small piece of luggage or case.

***** 5 stars

This is not an ad for Sephora or Sephora Collection, this is a part of my personal belongings and this post was designed to give my jet-setting/traveling readers ideas for ease of travel.

Monday, September 10, 2018

World Suicide Prevention Day

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If you know someone, or you are someone who needs emotional support in any way, please be aware that you can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The number to call is:


This Lifestyles website is about self-love and the love of others. Please know that you can share this number with anyone that might need it.  Thank you for listening with love and kindness It counts tremendously.