Friday, February 16, 2018

The DIY Home Planner By KariAnne Wood

I'm having an awesome time using this book! I'm filling in my dream paint colors, as this spring we will be painting these four areas in our house.

The Sherwin-Williams sales girl was helpful to me as I picked colors and arranged them in my DIY planner book. KariAnne Wood's book is filled with tips, tricks and even has two pockets for all your design notes, pictures, pencils and anything else you can think of!  Suddenly you're a #designrockstar !!!

KariAnne Wood's book The DIY Home Planner  Practical Tips & Inspiring Ideas to DECORATE IT YOURSELF  is on pre-order right now!   Please go to:   

Monday, February 12, 2018

Lava Stone Healing

Lava Stone Healing

Lava stone comes from the earth’s core. Lava bubbles and comes to the surface and then it cools. After the lava cools it becomes very porous and gets black in color. This is called basalt.
Basalt is defined as a fine-grained volcanic rock that cools quickly and becomes cylindrical/conical. The igneous lava rock forms extremely quickly after reaching the surface. The stones can often be found in the ocean.

Healing Strength

For many centuries lava stone has played a role in healing. The stones are believed to carry energy. Many believe it comes from the energy of nature and its rebirth is calming and emotional. Some religions and groups believe it to be a root chakra. For example, a strong earth connection and a strong center (as it comes from the center of the earth)

The belief is that the lava stones should be worn close to or on the skin and make a true connection. Lava stone is often found in bracelets because the bracelet actually is lying on the skin of the wrist or forearm. A lava stone bracelet may be called a mala by some.

Essential Oils

In my quest to learn more about natural healing and wholesome processes, I keep stumbling on essential oils. One can add their choice of oil to a/or many lava stones on your bracelet to receive aromatherapy benefits.  The oils are said to last a long time when worn on a stone. And the scent can be subtly smelled throughout the day or can be smelled whenever the need presents itself.

I made a lava stone bracelet in a class that was held in my library. It was a fun afternoon connecting with like-minded women and two men. We designed our bracelets and then we were welcomed to put essential oils of our choice on them before we left.

It was a super day and I’m so glad I went.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Valentine's Day Wall Art

I have a project that is easy and you can put your personal spin on it! I love doing projects that are easy, and relatively cost-effective.

This quick project can easily be used as a gift to give or can be put on your wall in your own home.  I have seen these types of wall art in stores and they are very costly. 

What I did was go to my local craft store and purchased anything I did not already have.
For this wall art, I wanted to go "neutral" in color. 

For my Valentines Day  wall art, I used these things:

8"x 10" white canvas
1 package of paper flowers ( approx. 3.99)
1 package small wooden letters (approx. 1.99) optional
White glue
acrylic paints    (chose to mix a light blue and white together) (and did bright yellow on the sides)


Step 1: Paint canvas  (you can choose the color, and be patient let it dry, can also use watercolors it may dry a little faster)

Just painted

Step 2: Plan the way you want your flowers first! Do not glue anything unless you are ready! The flowers I bought came in slightly different sizes, so I used the bigger of the sizes to be an anchor. *You can lightly sketch a heart with a pencil, I just "eyed" it. Once you are happy with your design, you can begin your gluing.

Plan it out

Step 3: I thought the word Love was pretty in the middle, it looked neutral and minimal and slightly classy. Use a ruler as a guide so the letters are not crooked, then glue on.

I have seen art like this, completely filled in the center with just the flowers and no word in the center at all and it was just gorgeous. It's up to you.  

Plan and glue the letters, let dry.

Step 4: The finished product.

How cute!

Artful tips: You can use a hair dryer to help dry paint
                   Can use other objects: like buttons, tiny bows, found objects etc.
                   Can be framed. *I think this would look beautiful in a rustic frame under glass.

Shopping tip: Always search for coupons before going to the craft store online, and pre-plan your projects so that you won't impulse buy, you'll spend too much money. *If you're like me I put blinders on and go directly to the aisle that my project items are in! 
Have fun making art for your home or to give!