"The Bone Collector" Easy Scary Terrarium Craft Decor For Halloween

I am so excited to present you with the easiest project yet. I like easy, I like zero to low cost, and I always find ways to upcycle something. This craft willhelp you enhance your Halloween decorations, even at this last minute. I have seen this done in numerous ways with numerous materials. It's up to you what type of creepy things you like to use, the ideas could be endless here. I have dubbed this easy craft decoration "The Bone Colector". I will display the "disclocated" skeleton body amongst the moss under glass; sound intriguing?

The Supplies Needed

As you can see here I have used two identical old sauce jars (if you don't collect jars you should, I have used them in so so many ways craftwise, recipewise, and giftwise)and the bonus here their lids were both in black so no paint was needed either. I had one hanging skeleton, a handful of rocks and a large handful of moss, a pair of house scissors. Once I gathered all the things I thought I would nee…

Keto Granola Clusters

I am forever searching for ways to include "regular" life into my Ketogenics journey.For a while there, and especially when I started this low carb lifestyle, I had no idea that at times I'd feel left out. This I personally think is where people just go: forget it, I can't do this! Then they just go back to not feeling well, gaining weight or having tummy troubles. When I say feeling left out, I meant just snacking like everyone else. I used to be a chip eater; any chips like potatoe,tortilla,and other snacks that contained a salt or sweet combination...fresh kettle corn or carmel corn, a huge downfall. So I came upon this recipe for the "granola" and I held it for the longest time and never made it!

So I've had this for awhile and I do not know where or from whom did I get it, so I cannot credit the Keto Cook. I will mention named brand items in this recipe, but I am not an affiliate for any of them; but I use them.


Easy Halloween Decor You Can Make

You don't have to be a crafty witch to make DIY for your home.It's so easy it's spooky! There are so many ways to decorate for Halloween. For this article today, I'm revamping things I have in my house already that I either dislike or are on the verge of giving away; and it is so easy with my handy dandy can of spray paint. Yes, spray paint and a desire to NOT buy anything new and to just use what you have on-hand. For today's article I'm showing how to do two very easy crafts for Halloween and then I'll put them into a vingette for pictures, but these will become part of a large Halloween tablescape that I will later highlight.

**Take these two things, these over indulgent and highly over-the-top opulent candlesticks (can you believe I actually liked that kind of stuff) and this dollar store 4" x 6" golden frame; usable but not loved anymore and rethink them into Halloween.**

So I always save any piece of gigantic cardboard to use as a bas…

Forgiving Is Hard

*Forgiving, A Topic That Is Difficult* Let’s face it our relationships with each other are highly complex. We have friends and family surrounding us that all have different personalities, each one carrying different levels of pain and happiness. While I am no psychiatrist or doctor, I am a good friend and a better family member. I pride myself on listening to others as part of the reasons my situations don’t get out of control. I am, however, not a perfect human. I have had arguments and negative emotions toward others and I know that perhaps others have felt that around me too. The key, I feel, to having great relationships, whether it is with a sibling or friend or extended family member is to learn about forgiveness. I have personally learned that forgiveness is really truly letting a burden go, a weight that lifts from your shoulders, and then and only then can a healthy relationship be discovered. *How To Forgive* Most of the therapists I have come into contact w…

Keto Journey & Cream Stuffed Peppers Recipe

*Keto Journey & Cream Stuffed Peppers Recipe*

The Ketogenic Lifestyle is based on a high fat and low carb diet. When I started this plan, it was to one, simply lose weight and then two, to find a greater ease into fitness. I have lost weight while on this diet lifestyle, but it is hard to maintain. I use that line for all the, oops…I ate that birthday cake and chicken nugget mess ups…because to err is human, and well that I am!
But I get right back on to the keto bandwagon and chalk up my mistakes to that fact that maybe there wasn’t anything available for me to eat, which surprisingly happens all the time. Precovid19 there were so many gatherings, weddings, birthdays and dining out that the menus should just be printed saying, which carb ladened thing do you want? I do now see so many companies and small businesses bringing the Ketogenic lifestyle to the forefront.
In A Nutshell

This lifestyle is very doable. Don’t give up if you haven’t seen results; just ke…

CBD Oil and My Dog Sassy's Referral Code

*This post contains affiliate Link*
CBD for DogsJust like for people, there are now pet products that either contain or are comprised of CBD oil. While the jury is still out on the true and long term effects of actual pain relief or anxiety relief it provides, one thing is true for sure in dogs and in people, there are therapeutic benefits to CBD oil usage.In the case of our family doggo, Sassy, she came to us as a rescue. A rescue is an animal that was either surrendered by an owner or was removed from the animal's living condition. That's where we come in, we saw her posting on a website and knew we had to have her. Her story tugged at our hearts. Little is known, or told, of her short little 5-month history; but we do know that she was severely neglected.This could and most likely did encompass a lot of things. I know she was traumatized and we loved her immediately. She was so shy, quiet, and scared. It took this sweet girl a year or so before she even barked. But when she …