Quick July 4th Table Decoration Craft

My friend is hosting a party for the fourth of July and she called and asked what can I do really quick to put on my table?  I said go buy something!  LOL😃   You know I did not. I suggested that she make several types of extremely easy crafts. For the purpose of this article, I chose one that I had done in the past, and it is a beginner level easy.👍

I usually decorate my house for all the seasonal holidays and the fourth of July is no exception. There are many ways you can decorate for this theme. Anything that has red, white or blue in it or on it and basically you're set! It does not have to have stars and stripes on it to qualify.

I love to have the American flag around, and often times I buy those 10 for $2.00 type handfuls when I see them. These flags are great along a pathway or attached to your mailbox or for use in a tablescape, door wreath or centerpiece.



*styrofoam ball (medium size)
*acrylic/tempera paint & paintbrush (your cho…

Cyclo Cobra Wireless Earbuds Review

Here's a quick review of the Cyclo Cobra Wireless Earbuds, and as everyone knows I'm not the world's greatest Tech or electronics guru. As much as I try to stay in the loop, the majority of the time I'll ask someone nearby like a teenager or a husband for help.

So anything Bluetooth or wireless in general seemed to be way out of my expertise field, but it appears that my fear prevented me from even trying anything new. So whenever it had a wire attached to it or a book of instructions, I immediately just asked for help.  Over the years as I dabbled more in the technology sector the products became easier and easier to figure out on my own!  How about that?😃

So for this product, I tried to sync it first and ask questions later!

The first step charging the earbuds = easy!  Once charged I moved to the second step which was to sync them using Bluetooth to my phone, I turned on Bluetooth and found the name and then it was synced. Again, easy!💓

I was ready to go. I receiv…




Staying Kind To Yourself

Dashes of beauty found basking in the sun. the flowers do the natural thing they reach higher and higher and they face the source of their growth dead-on; the sun. If we do what our bodies want to do most people would opt for sitting on the couch with a lap filled with carb-ladened goodies. So instead we have to set goals and stay motivated to achieve our true growth.

No One Said It Would Be Easy
The hardest thing that most of us need, is the last bit of "push" to get us over the hump to stay "with it" (whatever your goals may be).  It does not have to be fitness related. It can be studying as with students, or job-related, like writing a policy for your company or just simply organizing your household; perhaps for a move for some examples.  These types of things can be tedious on our minds, and the mental fatigue transfers to our physical body.

Set Goals
Setting goals helps stave off that fatigue or the feeling of mindlessness. To maintain a balance find a great …

Travel Destination: The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Travel Destinations: Amalfi Coast

Most everyone has heard of the Amalfi Coast. It needs no introductions. It is located on the southern edge of the Sorrentine peninsula. It’s Capital in the province of Salerno, is Solerno. It falls into the region of Campania Italy. It sits at the foot of Monte Cerreto. Monte Cerreto is 1316 M high and is considered an observation point of interest that can be hiked.
The Amalfi coast is a beautiful area lined with pastel colored villages that are nestled in and jut out of rugged sheer cliffs and situate themselves with gorgeous beach views below. According to a lot of travelers and travel writers alike, the Amalfi coast has some of the most spectacular views in all-of-the world. This is why it continues to this day to be a very popular tourist destination.

The coast itself is dotted with a trio of fabulous destinations. They are Amalfi, Positano, and Ravello; each of them can boast of fabulous food, fabulous people, crystal blue waters, and groves of lem…

Hiatus Burn Out

Sorry I've been missing for a short time. I took an unexpected hiatus. My middle son got married, and not only was I completely and busily happy~ I discovered a feeling of being burnt out!

So I took a deep breath and I literally smelled the flowers! We have been deluged by rain and thunderstorms and it enabled me to catch up with myself and reevaluate any and all of my writing and blogging goals.  I also revisited my fitness goals, and I'd like you to join me too. As with previous months and even as late as this spring I started my walk fitness and stationary bike routines.

I hope I encouraged you and inspired you to join in or just create your personal fitness goals and routines. If you haven't, it's not too late to start right this minute!

I just read an article about how real "burn out" is! It has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) that  Burn Out had become an official medical diagnosis.  It is considered a true and definitive medical di…

Pet Emergencies and Care of Pets

Our pets are family. Our pets have become a special part of our society as well. It is a known fact that having a pet has many therapeutic values. Pets have been known to help chase away the lonely feelings people have when they are in need of a companion, for instance. We also know that animals are smart and can become highly trained as in an everyday therapy dog or as in a mission recovery or military/police canine for example.
Pets, in general, have taken a prominent place in our families.  They rescue hearts and add to and enrich our daily lives.
Pets Have Needs
While we all have to eat and drink water, which goes for all living things, but sometimes, just as with humans, pets have medical needs and ailments too. The most common pets in everyday households are the dog and the cat. Dogs and cats could need special food or supplements into their diets there are many things that dogs and cats should not ingest. But the animals are curious in nature and often we as pet owners will enco…