Friday, July 13, 2018

Travel Tips

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Travel Tips

You’re getting ready to embark on a quick weekend getaway or an out of the country month-long trip, you’re excited, but make sure you prepare in advance so that your trip will be a happy and enjoyable one all the way around.
Whether you travel by air or on the rails on a train excursion, or simply take to the road in the car, here are some painfully obvious yet necessary travel tips:

Using Caution

As a traveler our first defense against travel crime is knowledge. The first thing one should do is especially if leaving the country,

.Check on their laws, and the customs of the country you plan to visit. Take the time to understand a bit of the culture of the area. It is at least better to be informed than to be surprised in some way in a foreign land. Examples of simple things are the proper dress and salutations that may be needed.

. Do not use public Wi-Fi, in many places, “tourist traps” in the United States and especially abroad, most public Wi-Fi is not secure. Try to use only a secure hotel Wi-Fi for working internet or personal use. It requires a sign in and is most likely a secure route to use.

.Men please put your wallet in the front pocket of pants, and women try to not carry so many valuable items (i.e. credit cards, money, expensive makeup, and cameras in large tote bags.) Putting a wallet in a back pants pocket and using a large tote are easy targets for thieves and pickpockets.

Hotel Safety

Before booking a place,

.Always check all of the written reviews, however, if a place only has 5-star reviews listed, check other types of sources. Sometimes reviewers are paid or padded. Check many resources as a means of checking into the status of the hotel. Places like the BBB or giants like The Travel Channel itself often times will do reviews for even the littlest places. It would not harm anything to actually call the hotel itself and ask questions you may have. Booking a less than the spectacular hotel will cause you a lot of woes and no one wants a dirty or bug infested place to spend a week in, thus ruining your experience.

.Travel insurance has been a godsend to some that have either had to cancel a trip or had a trip go awry. Some have had whole trips repaid for or rebooked with little or absolutely no cost to the consumer. It may be worth looking into.

.Put hotel and flight information into your phone, Send a text with the information to your travel partner and they to you so that all of your travel information will be at your fingertips. It is also helpful to leave your information with someone who isn’t going on the trip with you as well. It is also helpful to insert the Travel Agent, or Airline information, Hotel address and phone into the contacts on your phone.

Being Comfortable

.Do not overbook your itinerary! Do make plans to see the local sites and go on adventure excursions, but overbooking with no relaxation time will cause stress, especially if you miss something that you have not only reserved but paid for.

.Move around. If you’re on a long flight, (or even a short one) or a long car ride, make sure you get up, stand, walk or move around. Blood does not circulate when sitting at rest for a long time; it is relieving to walk even a short distance. This may be mandatory for certain diseases, please check with your doctors.

.Take something for the chills. On an airplane, and a train, the cabins are controlled and at different times of the flight or the trip cold air is exchanged into the cabin causing a temperature drop. To make yourself comfortable take a large scarf, pashmina, sweater, or small blanket to use when you get the chills, it is ready and handy and you don’t have to call for a blanket.  I get extremely cold in the car and I often take a small jacket because the car gets so cold.

Beauty Tips

.Drink water. Our bodies need the water. It keeps us hydrated and may help ward off sluggishness of jet lag.

.Use a face mist. It helps you feel great and helps you look great, whether you purchase one or make your own. simple rose water in a travel size mister and you’re ready to go.

.Use ziplock bags, they guard against spillage or putting an already used product into it to bring it home. The bags are great for also keeping things like Q-tips, face sponges, or cotton balls dry and clean.

.Meditate and Journal. Lots of people exhibit any number of levels of anxiety when it comes to travel in general. It is beneficial to help you relax and/or write your feelings down to further let out anxiety too. Meditation is a proven method to help reduce your stress level and calm you down.

So these were just a few tips to help your vacation be a calm and fun as well as safe and less stressful! 
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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th July

To all my family and friends, Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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Old Glory

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mary Kay and Pink Changing Lives

Did you know that the Mary Kay Company has a foundation? It's called The Mary Kay Foundation, and in the United States, this foundation is committed to ending domestic violence. The foundation provides life-saving resources to survivors of abuse.

For a limited time, you can join in with Mary Kay and its global initiative called Pink Changing Lives program, and give much-needed help to change the lives of women and children in the United States. During the dates of April 26-August 15, 2018 you can purchase Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick in Powerful Pink and $1.00 from each sale will go directly to this cause.

It is easy to find an Independent Beauty Consultant

You can use mine, my niece at https//
or go to and up to the right-hand corner you'll find the words: find an independent consultant.
Please support if you can
*Please note this picture came from my personal catalog and the picture is somewhat dark. This is a raspberry pink not a red.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Fairy Garden

There's something enchanting about a mini fairy garden. I have always loved the world of miniatures for as long as I could remember and since my grandfather built me a real dollhouse at around the age of ten or so. It is a grand dollhouse and I still have it intact like the day he presented me with it. It currently, however, resides in my basement still wrapped in plastic wrap from a move sixteen years ago!
I am going to revive it this year, and that will be a series of stories for another time.

Stunning details, moving windows can't wait to work on this and show you!

What I Bought

So back to a smaller level, I bought some oddball succulents and a couple of mini fairy garden pieces at my local garden shop. The cost involved, just under $20.00, each succulent was $1.25 (the three hens n chicks were sold as a trio) and the fairy pieces were $14.99.(the set had two mini chairs, 1 fairy, 1 trellis, 1 cobblestone walkway, and 1 fairy house) not great but cute enough.

Putting It Together

On hand, I had a large broken plastic pot that I was considering throwing away, some topsoil, fertilized potting mix, and this cactus mix (which is a mixture of sand, very small wood chips, and small stones.)

I mixed all three types of dirt together and filled the large pot to the rim.


Succulents are a low maintenance plant, often found in warm climates as they are drought tolerant.
They do not enjoy the cold, and they like to have dry soil in between waterings. I live in the midwest and as soon as I planted these naturally it's been raining and quite cool with high temps in the 70's and low's as low as 50's, yikes! I hope they'll survive!

To create the garden, I placed the succulents like they would be the fairy's trees and the rest simply where I thought they'd look cute. (It was so windy the day I did this, the little cobblestone walkway Blew away, and I haven't the faintest where it went!)

Now when my grandkids come by I hope I will inspire their sense of wonder and awe, and that they too would be enchanted as I once was and find I still am.  A sense of beauty in a mini world.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth Awards 2018

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L'Oreal Paris is doing great things! They have been honoring women that give back by helping others in their own communities with a program called Women of Worth. They have been doing this for twelve years now!

Kudos to L'Oreal! They will honor 10 women who serve tirelessly with $10,000. to support & keep their passions going, to keep their programs running, and to continue to empower others.

If you know a woman who is someone who is selfless, who goes over and above and beyond, who volunteers with her whole heart's passion, please nominate her for this award!

L'Oreal Paris wants to make an impact to those that make an impact in their community! The 2018 Women of Worth Awards is special because it can go to everyday women like you and me.
 It could be your next-door neighbor, the local teacher, or grocery clerk for example. The winners will be finalized and announced in November 2018. One has ONLY until May 31, 2018, to get their nominations in!

Please go to: