Green Tea & Resistance Exercise

Green Tea and Resistance Exercise

So much has been studied and so much misinformation is out on green tea itself. Scientists do definitively know a few things for example: A person that is most likely to include tea drinking into their daily regime is most aptly already living a healthy lifestyle.
 Therefore, this inclusion is better for their health than possibly those who do not include tea as part of their daily drink choice.
Scientists continue to test and try to clarify the questions that the tea drinking and the exercise/diet community have.Until as late as last year, debate still remains around the idea that tea (preferably green tea) “spikes” the metabolism and that will cause weight loss.As reported through the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that tea is helpful in health and they go on to include that researchers from the United States Dept. of AG, National Institute of Health, UCLA and University of Glasgowhave found that the polyphenols along with caffeine content …

Happy May Day

May Day is a celebration that welcomes Spring! May Day was an old tradition that was celebrated during the 19th-20th centuries, especially for children and sweethearts. It celebrates happy times and all that's new and blooming.

It was often celebrated with song and dance and involved the crowning of a May Queen. The dancing was performed around a decorated "maypole" in which ornate or colorful long ribbons or streamers were suspended. This dance centered around fertility and was often based steeped in folk or ancient traditions and clothing.

Dry Brushing 2020 Beauty Trend

In the latest, beauty trends come the dry brushing and all the techniques and beauty benefits. Dry brushing has been around for a very long time and has been long used for medical, homeopathic, and Ayurveda techniques. But it has gone from health & wellness into the beauty department full force. People do have very serious conditions, including cancer, in which this treatment is used. They receive these types of massage as well as dry brushing that relate to the human lymphatic system and drainage of it. These are never cosmetic and performed by highly skilled technicians and should never be confused with the beauty department, but here we are.

Treatments for serious medical conditions do include things like massage and dry brushing, but these are truly for the health of the patient and not for the "beauty of it". The patients actually have the treatments done to encourage the drainage of their Lymphatic system.
Beauty Department
In the beauty department, the…

Making A Homemade Mask For Covid19

As of April 3, 2020, the CDC and other agencies announced that it is possible to spread or received the coronavirus (Covid19) by simple conversation as the "droplets" of an infected/carrier/Asymptomatic person may become airborne. However, it is NOT a known way of transmission, do not panic over this. But as a result of this though, the agency is telling us for OUR protection or to bolster our own personal protection, that we may use a mask of a woven nature (i.e. like cotton). This can help us. Please see the guidelines below:

From the CDC

• A DIY mask, while not as effective as an N95 mask, still offers some protection from respiratory droplets that spread the virus. • Fabric that is 100% cotton is comparable to surgical masks & shows effectiveness. • If you can’t make your own mask, the CDC suggests covering your mouth and nose with a scarf or bandanna.
• These masks aren’t going to fully protect you from coronavirus. You should still be practicing social distancing by…