Wednesday, December 12, 2018

On Time Christmas Delivery

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A few statistics regarding the United States Postal Service,
*Did you know that between the dates of December 17-23 the United States Postal Service is expected to process and deliver over three billion (3B) pieces of mail and packages!
*Last year (2017) the United States Postal Service delivered over six million packages on Sundays only!
*Did you know that December 17 is considered the heaviest volume day with approximately more than eight million (8M) visitors in just one day! Those are some colossal numbers.

Christmas is in the air and there's a feeling...of being overwhelmed!  Can you get your packages and stamped first class mail to its destinations? Here's a quick list of mailing times and deadlines from across the three major delivery agents:

Unites States Postal Service   (USPS)


Priority Express Military deadline is 12/18/18 for APO/FPO/DPO/ AE with these zips

For First Class and Priority Delivery please have your cards and packages postmarked by 12/20/18
USPS Ground         by 12/14/18
Express Mail           by 12/22/18

Alaska & Hawaii    First Class and Priority by 12/20/18
Express Mail             by 12/22/18

For more information please go to

United Parcel Service

UPS 2nd Day Air  by 12/20/18 for delivery on  12/24/18
Next Day Air         by 12/21/18 for delivery on  12/24/18

For more information go to

Fed Ex
Last delivery date  is 12/24/18
No delivery for Ground on Saturday 12/22/18 (Fed Ex Home will still deliver)
For services such as Fed Ex-First Overnight, Priority Overnight and Fed Ex 2nd Day Air will deliver on 12/22/18 but premium charges will apply of $16.00

For more information please go to

So take a deep breath and assess your situation and then determine what you can do to get the gifts and cards to their destinations.

These top three delivery agents agree on a few things, try to have your packages fully wrapped and ready to go. A major slow down for you and others that may be waiting in line is that fact that customers come in ill-prepared for the mail to be put into the mail stream. These three carriers are NOT wrapping services. Each of the three delivery services does have supplies located in their lobbies to get you ready, but mostly you'll be on your own to prepare the package. Some package supplies are NOT free.

Make sure you double check for the correct addresses and zip codes, one digit off and it will be sent to the wrong place.

Also, know too that the three major carriers give you quotes on a perfect service day, remember that snowstorms, ice storms, and other weather-related incidences have/and will slow down delivery. For example, airport shutdowns, and trucks rerouted due to weather. *A lot of the time now airports have been preemptive on their plans for shutdown due to an impending storm.

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Source: Pinterest

The closer you get to Christmas the harder it is to get cards and packages delivered, to ensure yourself a relaxing and happy holiday, please try not to wait until the last minute!

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UPS source: Boston Globe

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Fed Ex  source: Shutterstock
Best wishes for a Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Book Giveaway

I'll be running a giveaway for a free book on my Book Reviews site starting tomorrow 12/5/18 and ending on 12/11/18. I'd love for you to all get into it. Normally the number of entries is low and your chances to win are high.

The book I'm giving away is a brand new paperback entitled

Ready Player One
By Ernest Cline

This past summer this book was adapted into a blockbuster movie that was directed by Steven Spielberg. Huffington Post called this book "The Grown-Ups Harry Potter."  The author Ernest Cline is a screenwriter and a spoken-word artist. He lives in Austin Texas. Surprisingly, this blockbuster was his debut novel!!  How about that for an emerging author!

Please go to    *highlight and click right   (whitelist me in fact!) I post reviews of books and other important things surrounding the written word.
Once on the website, you need to follow the rafflecopter contest information. The more things you do the more entries you'll get. There is no cost to you. Winner will be randomly selected via the rafflecopter form those qualifying entrants. I will notify you and send you the book!  Could even be a quick stocking stuffer or gift for the reader in your home.

Good luck everyone!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

It's Christmas Decorating Time

The tree is up.

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it's time for us to get ready for Christmas. I don't know about your house but we dress our house up, which includes the mantle, the Christmas trees, and the outside.

The hardest part is dragging everything up from the nether regions of the basement dungeon. I hope everyone has a built-in teenager that will substitute for the moving men that are needed to make this all happen, and thank goodness I do!

I'm going to do a little mini-series on decor and small crafts that are not only easy but inexpensive and make a huge impact. I am slowly taking my decorating to a lower level. My time is always limited and I will be culling my decorations this year and I will be donating some of the things that I no longer need. I'm trying to make my life easier and that of my husband's too.

My 9-foot tree is currently up in the front, one set of lights are out. This weekend, my husband the official light fixer, will take care of that and I will do a post on tree decorating.

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Bottle Brush Trees Source: Pinterest
I currently have an insane love of bottle brush trees. I have a small collection going and passing the $1.00 section at Target, wait did I say I passed the $1.00 section? Well you know better, I didn't. I did purchase a couple bottle brush trees, one spool of ribbon, and 2 tiny bags of faux snow.

For $5.00 I did this.

I gathered things that I had in the house already Like 2 terra cotta pots (that I aged with chalk paint)
,1 large plastic platter and
1 silver mercury candle holder .
I added the ribbon loosely around only two of the holders
(one facing one way and the other one facing the other way.

I then sprinkled the snow around the trees.

The cute end result
not much money spent.

This was an easy way to make a vignette that adds to a room subtly and will go with my overall woodsy type theme.

*One thing you should always remember whether you are decorating for Christmas or any other time of year, please shop your house. You can turn vases into a cloche just by turning it over for just one small example. Think out of the box.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Great Christmas Ideas

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Here's a couple of gift buying ideas as Cyber Monday approaches, I'd thought I would share three quick Ideas:  For the reader in your life:

   Shop Amazon Devices - Introducing the all-new Kindle Paperwhite

For the children:

Kids Edition Fire Tablets - Cyber Monday

For the hard to buy for:

Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration.

As the season of Christmas kicks off I thought I'd show you some things I thought were awesome and these are great for the harder to buy for people on our Christmas gift list.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and just in case you're not ready and need a few pointers or tips on how to cook your turkey and maybe you got some of the basic ideas confused, I hope I can help you here. People roast, grill, deep fry, and even rotisserie a turkey, but no matter your Thanksgiving traditions there are helping individuals out there to help you.

First and foremost the Turkey hotline knows anything and everything. They can help you determine what to do if your turkey is still frozen or the great ladies and gentleman that are manning the "The Turkey Talkline" can give you recipes, ideas about how to keep your turkey moist, and most likely are up to date on the latest punch lines surrounding the big turkey jokes, you can reach them here:


And here's just a list of a couple of very common tips:

*Everyone needs to invest in a good meat thermometer.

*According to Food Network, You should cook your turkey at the temp. of 325 degrees and that translates into 15 minutes per pound unstuffed.

*Your turkey should reach the minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees. (This temp. should be read by a meat thermometer that is inserted in the innermost part of the thigh wing and in the thickest part of the breast).

*A stuffed bird should reach a temp. of 165 degrees when the thermometer is placed into the center of the stuffing.

*One should figure approximately 1-1 1/2 pounds of meat per person (adult), success is also having bought the appropriate size turkey to feed your guests.

* Always rest your turkey for about 15-20 minutes before carving it. When it is too hot the slices will simply shred.

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Source: Pinterest
    I hope these simple tips will help you achieve a great Thanksgiving dinner, no matter your dilemma! Happy Thanksgiving.

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