Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beautiful Dreamer!

By Mary Caliendo

Did you know there's something behind the saying "getting your beauty sleep"?

It's true, there are many cosmetics & preparations out there that can make one look prettier or better, but did you know that sleep is beauty for your overall health?

While most sleep centers would like the average person to get an ideal seven (7) to nine (9) hours of sleep per every twenty four (24) hours, however, the most sleep one can get the better.
Sleep allows your body, mind, and organs to come to a "rest". It allows your body to de-stress itself and revive and get ready for the next upcoming day.

Here's the ugly "low-down" on what can happen with short term sleeplessness:

decreased memory
cognitive impairment
falls and trips & lack of of alertness
negative stress impact
driving impairment

Here are some long-term risks:

High Blood Pressure
Heart attack
Heart Failure
fetal growth retardation
reduced quality of life

That's not pretty no matter what your age, your socio-economic status, or your job; getting your rest is a beautiful thing! Turning yourself into sleeping beauty may not get you a kiss from your prince but, you will be able to look into the mirror and truly see the fairest of them all!

Sweet dreams beautiful dreamers!