Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beautiful Self-Esteem

By Mary Caliendo

Have you ever heard the saying "Everyone is beautiful in their own way?" Yes, I'm sure you have, so why is it that if we have all heard it a million times that we don't trust the saying?

Most likely the reason we don't practice what we preach is because many times each day we are all reminded that it is a beautiful thing to be beautiful. The beautiful people get more things, they get better jobs,they find better partners (or find partners at all), and quite simply the people that are "better looking" just have a better time in life in general.

It is time for that to change! "Everyone is beautiful in their own way" and we need to pass this very important bit of information to our little children and especially to the little girls coming up.
I was impacted greatly when I went to visist a large manufacturer of beauty and beauty-related products. This manufacturer is proud to say their industry, the industry of beauty stinks! And it stinks so much that they have launched their own campaign to change this! If you haven't heard of the Dove soap company, you must be living under a rock!

Seriously, if you believe you are a great parent,coach, scout leader,sport coach, mentor, teacher or just mom and dad and you have not been to this web-site you need to go. Look and listen to the information they are presenting.

The video shorts were very insightful and quite powerful! The video Evolution shows the transformation that a women goes through and then the further computer enhancements that are then made to her for the "final" picture. It was truly unbelievable! And then there was Onslaught the video, all I can say is wow. Every parent needs to see this and as Dove says, They are talking to your girls before the beauty industry gets them!

Please go to to check it out for yourself. Be a stand up parent and let this company show exactly why they launched the campaign for real beauty. Your child needs you to tell her (and him) why it is great to look good, but what counts on the inside is so much more important!Stand beside them as you both find your real beauty!