Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thoughtfulness Day

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Here's a current list of things in the world that may need your thoughtfulness. See the above definition and act and react as you can. If one can do more than pray, please do. Acts of God/natural disasters, need prayers and acts of helpful, concerned and charitable individuals to help rebuild, console, feed, comfort and listen to those in need. Be one of those if you can.

Current as of 8/25/16 writing:

Italian Earthquake: 247 killed   many still unaccounted for, full entire towns leveled many thousands displaced.

Myanmar Earthquake: 4 killed  many minor injuries  some 2,200 temples & pagodas dating from the 10th to 14th centuries in disrepair, some totaled.

Tornado Indiana USA 20 minor injuries (thank god) over 200 family's displaced, many commercial buildings in many counties in disrepair.

Southern California USA aggressive Forest Fires so much acreage has burnt, so many without homes.

East Idaho USA Wildfires Threaten Grand Teton National Park/Forest  parts of parks close so that firefighters can get it under control.

Louisiana USA catastrophic flooding  13 dead and an estimated 40,000- 110,000 thousand homes damaged, more than 3,000 still living in emergency shelters.

Life is beautiful~ Please experience it to the fullest~ Give. Donate. Volunteer.  Thank you.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Getting Rid of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles has entered a new age.  The industry of skin care and anti-aging has risen to an incredible status. This market has become huge; billions of dollars are being spent to advertise it to you and billions of dollars are being spent as consumers try its products and services.
Dermatologists and skin care officials agree that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can occur at any time on the facial skin, but statistically someone in their 30’s (mid to late) will likely have some.
Fine lines are caused by the skin naturally breaking down by the loss of collagen and elastin, as well as environmental exposure to the sun and everyday pollutants.
One other factor that causes fine line and wrinkles is just simple genetics. Though one cannot control genetics that you’re given, it will play a role in how quickly your skin will age.
These genetics plays a role in  “sagging jowls”, or even “turkey neck” and “laugh lines” or “heavy lids. We all have some type of “genetic predisposition”.
Fine lines will first appear around the eye area and mouth area. One needs to nourish and balance the skin using gentle cleansing methods and routines.  Always look for products that repair and protect skin against any future harmful exposure, pollutants, and free radicals.
From a medical standpoint, an ounce of prevention goes a very long way in outsmarting the aging process. Doctors and dermatologists agree stepping up your first line of defense may be as simple as great habits.
Some of the most harmful things to your skin are, cigarette smoking, the sun, a bad diet, not enough water intake and bad sleep patterns.
Healthy lifestyles include healthy eating habits. Include more fruits and vegetablesinto your diet because they contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants that fight off free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that cause cells to become damaged. Also, fruits and vegetables increases hydration in your system and will protect you against photo-aging.
Eating more fish, especially salmon, is a great low-fat, source of protein, and it is also good at providing a source of essential fatty omega-3 acid. This is considered a building block that nourishes and plumps up facial skin and reduces wrinkling.
Some more great diet inclusions that help protect and boost the skin are, green and white tea, grapeseed oils, and tomatoes because their antioxidant will improve circulation to the skin cells and improve the structure of the skin and firmness in just six months of consumption.  Bring dark cocoa into the picture by eating a piece of chocolate for the flavonoids present. The flavonoids named catechins and epicatechins; these two will improve circulation to the skin cells and help to guard against sun damage. Cocoa can also increase hydration; making your face look and feel smoother.  A special note, milk chocolate is not cocoa. Please make sure your cocoa contains at least 70% or more cocoa solids and is usually dark color in nature. Also, it is better for you that you find a cocoa drink or bar that is not processed with alkali.
Exposure to the sun and the harmful rays of the sun are other huge nemesis to skin and its aging. Always search for products that contain SPF’s inside them. You can’t get 100% protection from SPF, but shop for lotions and makeup that include them in their products to reduce risk of sunburn.  Most dermatologists agree on an SPF of 30 or above (they will include blockage of 97% of UVB rays). One can apply a regular sunscreen lotion underneath makeup, then apply make- up over it but many will complain about a chalky spackle look.  Look for foundations and BB Creams that contain SPF’s higher than 30 or use a dermatologically tested broad spectrum sunscreen. A broad spectrum will block both UVA and UVB rays. Some sunscreen ingredient key words to look for are, zinc oxide (although this is an extremely heavy lotion), avobenzone, ecamsuli, and together octocrylene and avobenzone work best under makeup.  Last words on sun exposure: wearing sunglasses will also reduce fine lines around eyes as one is not squinting. Believe it or not, squinting causes an overworking of facial muscles, and thus encourages the formation of skin surface grooves and those will become wrinkles over time.
Sleep well, your skin benefits from it. Sleep is not only rejuvenating for most bodily functions, it is great for your skin. Sleep causes your body to boost the flow of blood to the skin, creating a healthy glow by brightening the skin and encourages the reduction of puffiness. Your skin produces collagen as you sleep. But there are also some sleep rules according to the American Academy of Dermatology – sleeping on your back is paramount. It will reduce facial wrinkling and “sleep lines”. Sleeping on your side increases cheek and chin wrinkles. Sleeping face down will speed up a “furrowed brow” wrinkle.
Do not smoke! Smoking causes a chain reaction in your system with each puff. Smoking simply adds unwanted chemicals into your system and causes the aging process to speed up severely. It causes deep wrinkles in the face. Even younger individuals will have deep wrinkling if they smoke. The effects of smoking on skin are irreversible.
Finally, here are some astounding statistics that have been gathered and analyzed by the Statista Group:
The biggest consumer group of anti-aging products and services in the U.S. are people born in birth years 1946-1964. They expect this trend to continue for the next 18 years.  In 2014, the facial and anti-aging skin care industry products were the 2ndhighest grossing category in the U.S., making approximately 1.5 billion dollars.
As we try our best to prevent damage and promote care of our skin, some of us may have started too late or just want instantaneous results. Many men and women are opting for “cosmetic surgeries” or “facial aesthetics surgeries”. People aged 30-50 years old are enjoying botox, injectables, dermal fillers, photo light resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and laser therapy. People over 50 are focusing on facelifts, brow lifts, and chemical peels.
Please seek out options of basic skin care before going the plastic surgery route, and  if you do, make sure of the surgeon’s credentials. Seek only professional services. Ask dermatologists for recommendations and always get a second opinion.
Don’t be surprised if grandma and grandpa are smoothing, tightening, and plumping at the latest neighborhood Botox party!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

#goddessvoxbox #Influenster

I really enjoyed the featured products in this past month's #voxbox  from @Influenster !

This Voxbox contained a great variety of beauty things~

SinfulColors Professional Nail polish porcelain matte in #1719, Glazy Sunday
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Ebates coupon!

Fabulous Stuff Influenster!
*"I received these products complimentary fromInfluenster for testing purposes."

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