Saturday, January 28, 2017

Touch Down Recipe Contest Colman's Mustard

Update!!  Currently this contest is closed! The winner of this contest will be announced on 2/8/17!

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Superbowl Sunday recipe makers join this contest!
Colman's Mustard (dry or prepared)
Chance for $500.00     Upload your recipe between 1/13/17-2/5/17

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sole Food Therapy Quick Review

As seen on beauty is a beast blog instagram today: awesome gift! Sole Food Therapy Foot Kit.  Awesome comes complete with foot scrub  foot brush, pumice stone, foot balm lotion, and arch exerciser. Feeling of relief and softness. Filled with botanicals great scent and immediate difference.*Pumice can be used on hands too! New year new me!

Aerosol Tea In A Can?

Aerosol tea in a can? Yes, it’s true! It is aptly named No More Tea Bags. It is the brain-child of Guy Woodall and owner of the business No More Tea Bags. He is always continually looking for a better cuppa.

Manufactured by YumCha Drinks, they say their product is “properly brewed better tasting tea”. Even this writer is having a hard time wrapping her brain around it.
The company YumCha is based in the UK and calls the new tea in the can “liquid Instant tea” and they feel they are causing a “tea-volution”.

Mr. Woodall has been working on the idea of getting not only great tasting tea, but also tea free of chemicals to the tea cup very quickly.  Recently in an interview with, Mr. Woodall said he began fiddling around with the development idea, but it was in glass containers. And if he had to use glass containers, he would have to use chemical preservatives, and he did not want to do that because he feels that adding chemicals violates the integrity of the tea. As he kept at he realized that it could be done in an aerosol can. He realized that by putting it in a can it could be completely sterile condition and be completely isolated from outside air.

So to Mr. Woodall, this means a better tea. But getting it to the cup and into people’s minds might be a hard proposition. The way the YumCha company and Guy Woodall’s product is dispensed is similar to squirt whipped cream. You simply press down on the nozzle and the tea concentrate is squirted out and into the tea cup. Then after the desired amount is in the cup, the kettle water is then poured on top, just as you would with any other tea bag/loose tea.

Mr. Woodall realized that it only took him only eight seconds to make the concentrated brew and it had a consistent taste.  That this new tea was completely protected from all outside contaminates; no bacteria, no mold, or no yeast. No light could get in, as light does alter the taste of tea. It has a convenience level for quickness and ease of making.  Its cost was less than regular loose teas and tea bags.

But tea drinkers in the UK were inflamed; most tea drinkers love the experience of making tea. In fact, the subject caused an all-out twitter war! Most of them felt that this new tea drink was even impinging upon the traditions of England.  Some even tweeting with the hash- tag #Godsaveourteabags those not in favor of the company, even asked about the environmental impact of the containers in landfills. Mr. Woodall has said that although his tea cans are not biodegradable like tea bags are, the cans are recyclable.  Mr. Woodall has said that the public has brought up a few interesting facts, he has been scaling up his operations and since September of 2016, he cannot keep up with the demand.

The No More Tea Bags currently comes in three teas, Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, and Jasmine.
They can be bought in stores that stock it as well as on-line. YumCha is a company that has been farming on a small farm in Leatherhead (UK) since the 1980’s. They have a passion for natural ingredients like elderflower and nettle.  They sell iced tea concentrated into seven flavor fruit fusions. YumCha also can be found on Facebook.

Lastly, a bit about No More Tea Bags inventor and the recent former owner of YumCha. He is an MA, PhD, Philosophy from Edinburgh University.  From 1986-through October 2010 he owned Thorncroft Drinks, LTD and is the current owner of No More Tea Bags & YumCha Iced Tea Concentrate.Image result for aerosol tea in a spray can

No More Tea Bags offers an alternative to single tea bags and loose tea. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

What is Micellar Water?

Image result for micellar waterWhat is micellar water?   You may see it touted in the pages of major beauty magazines and you may see it advertised on television or in print advertisements.  It may be endorsed by high-end beauty product makers and seen on the shelves of your favorite department or drug store, but it’s nothing new.  Micellar water has been around since the days of when plumbing was not great or very inaccessible for many or not available at all in the country of France.

Having no accessible running water appears to have prompted the invention of the micellar water, and while the history on its actual inventor is vague, it continues to be prominent right now as the beauty industry reacts to the entire buzz surrounding it.  Some makers are touting it as a virtual miracle, but while those with sensitive skin types and otherwise dry skin have been told it may be the answer to their skin problems may just have to do trial and err just as one would with any product.
The idea behind micellar water is that the micelles (floating balls of oil) are attracted to oils and dirt. Micellar water is made up of micelles that are suspended in soft water. Once swabbed onto the face it removes the dirt and leaves no oil behind.

The beauty industry is currently aiming the marketing toward those with sensitive skin, conditions such as rosacea and dry skin. *Those who have oilier skin may not achieve the same types of cleansing result. Micellar water does cleanse and remove skin impurities, removes makeup and does appear to have moisturizing effects. But while it is touted as a gentle cleansing routine, some products do contain things like alcohol, fragrances, foaming agents and detergents in them. Words to the wise include: please read the labels and the always present please seek the advice of your doctor or dermatologist with issues concerning your skin.  In order for micellar water to actually work, it has to contain chemicals. Most micellar waters contain aggregate surfactants, and other types of fillers (as seen in many products).

Remember, as with anything in life, there’s always moderation. Micellar water was created for those who did not have access to water. That means that this product, while it states most are gentle and can be used up to 2 times per day, should not replace your cleansing routines that include water.
Micellar water is a readily available product, it can be purchased in the common drug stores, on-line, or in department/beauty stores for around $8.00 to high-end cosmetics brands upwards of $85.00. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Adding in Healthy Foods For The New Year

As a tea editor and beauty and lifestyle editor, adding in healthy foods is like taking a miracle medication!  Being proactive with your health should be easy, so let's start today by adding in some Matcha Tea!

Here's an easy recipe for a Matcha Tea Smoothie:

1cup Hot Water
1tsp. Matcha
Approx. 1/2 Cup of Vanilla Creamer or Almond Milk


Put the matcha into blender or bowl if whisking (This recipe can be whisked or
blended in a blender to mix)

Add to it the hot water, then blend.
When combined then add to it the creamer.

Drink and enjoy the benefits of the Matcha. The start of a new year includes good foods.

Related image

Matcha tea can be purchased in the powder form, but do be careful, as in some places it can be rather expensive. Matcha tea can be also acquired by opening matcha tea bags and measuring into the smoothie.

*Please see  for questions regarding tea by Tea Editor Mary Caliendo