Monday, April 4, 2011

Beautiful Vacations?

So Spring break has come and gone~you couldn't or just didn't get to get away from it all? Well perhaps you don't have to! Rejuvenate yourself by taking a mental vacation! Take a relaxation vacation right at home. It is not a difficult thing to do and you'd be surprized in fact what little things can be done that can not only change your whole outlook but maybe even your life! To take yourself on a mental vacation you need to inspire yourself~ start by surrounding yourself with what makes you the happiest. Things you love; is the connection to the ispiration. For instance if you always wanted to take some type of spa vacation and that is your dream; simply recreate that in your own home. You can invest as little or as much as you want to to create your "spa" at home. A quick and easy way is fill up a tub full of almond milk or homemade bath salts~ turn on some music, light up the candles and soak your stress away by pretending you are in an island spa! It works! Yes some have a complete bath redo or remodel on their list but that is costly...lay out a fluffy robe-pour a glass of wine and enjoy practicing relaxation. Some others prefer to surround themselves in fluffy pillows-can be made from home or go borrow all the pillows off of all the beds and just lay amongst them~create a retreat: include flowers, good books and dinners out- all great ideas to make an escape from the everyday "ratrace". If we take a small mental break each week our stress levels go down and that is a beautiful goal! Enjoy a taking your mind on a vacation soon!

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