Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful Noise?

Can you hear what I hear? Not everything emits a beautiful noise!

Conversation, construction, sirens, schools bells, and spring weather warning systems; these are all noises but they are mostly unwanted, loud and sometimes ominous. For the most part, this type of loud clatter and din is what types of noises that often reach the loudest of decibels and are often not good for our hearing. Such is, the highly reported case with the ipod for example something that most teens do everyday, doing at times irreparable damage to the ear and hearing. But what about simple home appliances like the vacuum cleaner? Very loud indeed!

Consulting with facts at Noises that we may encounter sometimes as much as daily, are not only annoying, they can be downright unbearable. For instance a household blender comes in at about 80 decibels and that is considered a bearable noise. The vacuum comes in at the annoying level of around 90 decibels! And now that it is summer time with dogs barking, lawn mowers mowing and jackhammers working~the noise is deafening!

For the worker with the jackhammer in operation, it rings in at a whopping 140 decibels! That is considered the painful level! The level for gentle conversation is at an acceptable level of 50!

The anxiety and stress levels of the construction worker may rise as well as threatening his hearing thus putting him in a constant risk situation for his/her health.

Let's hope that with good weather we can hear more of the simple beautiful noises like the sounds of swishing leaves in the canopy of trees overhead, along with the whistle of the robin and chirps of the finches that fill them!

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