Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beautiful Forgiveness

By Mary Caliendo Are you currently holding a grudge? Could you be one of those people walking around with a “chip on their shoulder”? The wrongs done you may not be pretty, and may continue to harm your health in an unflattering and unhealthful way! Have you thought about forgiveness? We all know that over time stress wears away at the very core of our beings and ultimately harms our health overall. Harboring bitterness does the same thing! Many scientists, psychologists, as well as spiritual leaders are finding that letting go of a grudge is not only a beautiful thing, it is also most healthful as well! It seems though, most people struggle with thoughts that forgiveness means the wrong is then corrected and that letting go also means one will minimize whatever it was that brought one to a bitter place to begin with. Forgiveness is for you. You are the forgiver, and it is you who will be moving forward. Holding onto that resentment will cause you to continue to be consumed; your relationships will suffer and your health will fail. That grudge is hard work to maintain- it fills your life with constant stress, anxiety, and pain. One has to constantly be aware that no matter what circumstance you are bitter! Letting go: frees you, helps you lower heart rate and blood pressure, and your relationships with family, spouse, and co-workers become more meaningful and less hostile. Removing yourself as victim and emerging as a victor gives you the power. You make peace with yourself and your emotional well-being and that is a beautiful thing!

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