Thursday, July 13, 2017

My MAC Lips Haul & Review

Included also, in my haul was my personal long-time go-to lip, the creamsheen lipstick in Hot Gossip. I have worn this color for years. My daughter was in the modeling industry and she and I attended a MAC cocktail party, where I purchased the Hot Gossip lipstick when I was there, that was about 8 years ago!! Just like any other of MAC products, I believe their price point justifies because they continually put out an exemplary product! The creamsheen lipstick glides on super easy, it is not matte and contains a small "gloss" to it. This gloss is not in any way overpowering. The color is a light dusty rose pink, that once the lips are lined, boom, color pop!
 This goes from day to night easily. It matches well again with cool tones and cool skin tones. I give this lipstick my effervescent five-star rating***** 
** Tip, in most fine department makeup counters, the lip duo is currently on sale.

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