Friday, July 7, 2017

Beauty Buyer Beware: A Beauty Fail Could Happen

After seeing the article on Pop Sugar,  I just had to write a post quickly!

Plenty of times, hindsight is twenty-twenty, however, we often hear nightmare stories about a salon's poor performances and /or products or disastrous results from uneducated technicians. No matter what beauty service you purchase, the onus is on us as consumers to be aware of the salon.

It is up to us to find out a bit about the history of the salon, the workers in the salon, and whether or not the salon employs the proper type of people to work there. Most salons are proud to post information that shows their technicians, massage therapists, cerologists, cosmetologists, and stylists have the proper training and certifications to be employed in that field.

Some very extremely simple ways to check out a salon is to google them, check out sites that review such as Yelp, and let's face it word of mouth reviews are a great way to gauge a salon, after all, if the lady down the street got her hair fried, they are sure to let this very honest review out into the public.

If you find that your prospective salon has poor reviews, you may want to consider looking further for the service you'd like. Also, please be very clear about exactly what you are asking for when you do ask, you won't regret it.

Enter, a girl in Britain named Emma Jones, she went to get a manicure and wanted rounded tips, see the picture below as a testimony to what happens when you don't actually do any research on a salon.
Thank goodness Miss Jones did have a relative named Angela Blemmings who actually is a nail technician because Miss Jones came to her to have her nails fixed!!!

All I can say is I sure hope she got her money back!!!

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