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A smoothie is a beverage that can be made by blending raw fruit and/or vegetables with dairy products, water, ice cubes, and sweeteners.  Smoothies can be for breakfast, lunch, and a snack (in between meal times). Smoothies can be protein packed, gluten free, Quick & Easy, fiber rich and filled with vitamins.

Most smoothies are approximately between 150-200 calories, depending on the variables, like extra added things i.e. oatmeal, nuts, or sugars, or heavy vegetables. For this post, I love things that are quick and easy. So I concentrate on 5 or less ingredients (or whatever I have on hand and then adjust recipe) this recipe one can use frozen fruit!

So here’s a simple recipe for 5 ingredients:

1 whole banana
3/4C blueberries
3/4C blackberries (substitute strawberries)
¾-1C milk (I use 2%, calories go down with skim milk)
6 ounce Greek yogurt (unsweetened or can use vanilla or honey flavored)

Put all ingredients in blender and pulse for about 30 seconds, I stir and then I will pulse it again.
*some people like ice cubes in their smoothie, I usually pass.
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This recipe should make two 6-8 ounce glasses!  Enjoy!

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