Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wellness Challenge

Wellness challenge,  I accept.
You may have read my last article about finding my hygge, where I'm trying to get in touch with my "comfort zone" and "stress-free zone", using the concepts of hygge with comfort foods, comfort things, like soft pillows, afghans and leggings. I love natural light as well and my comfort spot is located near my windows. I have dedicated this spot as a place where I can slow down and accept doing less, even if just for a few minutes. I came across a blog post today on bloglovin.com by becauseimaddicted.net , I immediately followed her and also let a message on the spot. I've been "practicing" for about 1 week so far, and I have noticed a sense of calm coming over me and now I cannot wait for my 15-20 minute quiet time in my special spot. I simply surround myself with things I love and spend 15-20 minutes being quiet, eyes closed (lightly meditating) with nice soothing breaths and then I will end off with about 3-5 minutes journaling.  

I'd love to challenge all of you to do this Wellness Challenge too, won't you accept the challenge ?    
Photo Credit: Mary Caliendo Photo 2017                                          

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