Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine's Seeing Red

Valentine’s Day, Seeing Red

Valentine’s Day and its history and creation are often disputed and is shrouded in mystery with many versions. What we do know, is that Valentine’s Day has its roots in ancient Roman times at a festival name Lupercalia, which was loosely associated with fertility.  History has Pope Gelasius in 496, changing it from a Pagan Festival to a Christian one, and deemed it take place on February 14th.  It became St. Valentine’s Day when young married women came to the festival and placed their names in urns.

Good things red……

RED LIPS    Red lips can command a room. When asked, most women think they can’t really pull off wearing red lips, and most men will take a longer gaze at a woman with pretty red lips. But men also said, if the lips are overpowering the face, they do not like it.  So how in the world can a girl find the right lipstick for her? 
It’s true not everyone can pull off a startling red, think… Gwen Stefani….here’s a key in how to choose your Valentine’s lip:

First know that there are many, many versions of red. And we know from the art world that some things are mixed with blue or orange or even browns to obtain different hues. To determine what type of red you should wear, find your skin type tone.  Warm toned skin should look to the true red and orange lip undertones.  If you have cool tones look for lipsticks that err toward red with the blue undertones.  Thankfully, most beauty companies even list on their product/or group lipsticks together by the cool or warm tones.

Happy lips will smile!!

RED NAILS   Nothing says glamor and romance and confidence, that hinges on sexy than red fingernails.
Just like with red lips, nail color comes in many, many colors and hues of red. It should be easy once the lips are picked out.  You can match them if you’d like for fun or be completely different than your lips.  Short nails are not a problem, in fact, red looks fantastic on shorter nails.  *Here’s a beauty tip,  if your fingernails are super short, paint nails down the middle and leaving open the sides of the nail; it actually makes them look longer!

RED WINE    Red wine contains resveratrol. It is good for your health, as if you needed a reason to drink wine, right? Resveratrol is a naturally occurring compound that comes from the skin of red grapes. This compound helps your skin from wrinkling by boosting up your cells, also it plays an important part in your heart health!   *drink in moderation.

RED PEPPERS Red peppers contain capsaicin.  That is an awesome anti-inflammatory benefit. Red peppers also contain Vitamin E, C, B6, A and Beta-carotene, folate, lycopene, and lutein! Wait, there’s more… fiber! Those vitamins and minerals are antioxidants and that has huge anti-cancer benefits.  That’s a lot of love packed into a little red pepper.

STRAWBERRIES  Strawberries do a lot, besides they taste good too!  Here’s the short list:

Strawberries lower risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease by 32%. Strawberries also benefit healthy skin and hair, increased energy levels and lowers blood pressure. Strawberries are considered a low glycemic food and lowers risk of blood sugar spikes. Strawberries contain folic acid which is great for pregnancy. They also contain vitamin C and are low in calories. 

So sweet! 


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