Thursday, June 25, 2009

Want to achieve Michelle Obama arms?

Hello Ladies! Everyone is asking How can I get Michelle Obama arms?
By Mary Caliendo

Michelle Obama has made a splash everywhere she goes, whether it is in her sleeveless fashions or her striking beauty-we all just love her. Mrs. Obama is currently 44 years old, is not only a mother of two, but the wife of the president of the United States! The most stressful job in the free world and she has managed to keep it together. But how do we get arms like her?

First, Michelle Obama is a woman who has always exercised; so she has never let herself get out of fitness to begin with. This makes it easier for a person to stay or maintain physical fitness. Exercise can target areas, but getting the fats out of our diet will help us to achieve maximum exercise benefits faster and maintain them easier.

Obama arms can be achieved with sets of dumbbells very easily. Using the four staple exercises such as lateral raise, and shoulder raise (for shoulders),bicep curls (for biceps),and tricep kickbacks(for triceps: ladies that is the "flabby" part of the back of your arm).

For the beginner: Using dumbbells in the 3-5# range to start. Do these (4) exercises 3 times per week for at least 15 minutes. Beginners should do at least two sets of each exercise. Do each exercise slowly-don't rush!

Please continue to work up to using dumbbells weighing 8-10# each and doing three sets.

Getting Obama arms means trimming the fats and sugars from your diet. Lean proteins, whole grains,fruits, and vegetables are what is what a lean body needs. Adding more fish, chicken without the skin, eggs,and beans to your diet will help you stay fuller longer and give your body great proteins.

Exercise directions:

Lateral shoulder raise : Stand w/feet somewhat apart and with dumbbell in each hand extend arms up to shoulder level and back down again. Repeat 10- 15 times (or until you fatigue)

Simple shoulder raise: Stand w/feet somewhat apart and with dumbbell in each hand do a simple shrug up and down. Repeat 10-15 times (or until you fatigue)

Bicep curls: can be done sitting down or standing. Dumbbell in each hand- raise up dumbbell toward shoulder close to body. Repeat 10-15 times (or until you fatigue)

Tricep curl: Standing: Bend at waist making sure your back is flat and not curved, starting at side w/dumbbell in each hand -push back dumbbell. Repeat 10-15 times (or until you fatigue)*With this exercise it is easy to strain your back make sure your back is flat at all times and do not push yourself-if this is too hard only do two -three*

Some people will respond to these exercises quickly and some it will take longer, don't give up! And always the best advise is to always check with your doctor to let him know you are using weights and lowering your fat/sugars intake!

Congratulations to you!

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