Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring crafts

Spring is in the air and I promise this modge podge of mess will become great and beautiful spring crafts that anyone would love to put in their house!  And in fact you can easy peasy by using things from around your home and refashioning it into something else (some people call it upcycling), I save thing like ribbons, broken frames, candlesticks, and I buy grapevine wreaths by the bulk. I use my dining room to stage most things, it is a bright and uncluttered room that if I don't finish my projects no really has to walk directly through it!   I do use things from nature like leaves and sticks. I use things like old wooden box, covered boxes, candy dishes and even margarita glasses to make nests for bunnies and birdies! I'll post finished pieces soon. Have fun and Happy Spring! *Not                 pictured here are all of my bunnies & Easter stuff. Also things needed are patience & glue gun.

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