Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Adding in Healthy Foods For The New Year

As a tea editor and beauty and lifestyle editor, adding in healthy foods is like taking a miracle medication!  Being proactive with your health should be easy, so let's start today by adding in some Matcha Tea!

Here's an easy recipe for a Matcha Tea Smoothie:

1cup Hot Water
1tsp. Matcha
Approx. 1/2 Cup of Vanilla Creamer or Almond Milk


Put the matcha into blender or bowl if whisking (This recipe can be whisked or
blended in a blender to mix)

Add to it the hot water, then blend.
When combined then add to it the creamer.

Drink and enjoy the benefits of the Matcha. The start of a new year includes good foods.

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Matcha tea can be purchased in the powder form, but do be careful, as in some places it can be rather expensive. Matcha tea can be also acquired by opening matcha tea bags and measuring into the smoothie.

*Please see www.bellaonline.com/about/tea  for questions regarding tea by Tea Editor Mary Caliendo

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