Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thoughtfulness Day

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Here's a current list of things in the world that may need your thoughtfulness. See the above definition and act and react as you can. If one can do more than pray, please do. Acts of God/natural disasters, need prayers and acts of helpful, concerned and charitable individuals to help rebuild, console, feed, comfort and listen to those in need. Be one of those if you can.

Current as of 8/25/16 writing:

Italian Earthquake: 247 killed   many still unaccounted for, full entire towns leveled many thousands displaced.

Myanmar Earthquake: 4 killed  many minor injuries  some 2,200 temples & pagodas dating from the 10th to 14th centuries in disrepair, some totaled.

Tornado Indiana USA 20 minor injuries (thank god) over 200 family's displaced, many commercial buildings in many counties in disrepair.

Southern California USA aggressive Forest Fires so much acreage has burnt, so many without homes.

East Idaho USA Wildfires Threaten Grand Teton National Park/Forest  parts of parks close so that firefighters can get it under control.

Louisiana USA catastrophic flooding  13 dead and an estimated 40,000- 110,000 thousand homes damaged, more than 3,000 still living in emergency shelters.

Life is beautiful~ Please experience it to the fullest~ Give. Donate. Volunteer.  Thank you.

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