Friday, July 22, 2016

Here's a Boobie Scoop

Women always have mixed opinions on what types of clothing maximizes the bust line and minimizes the bust line at the same time.

If you're an endowed woman, have no fear, here's what I've gathered: Too much fabric in front (i.e. gathers, ruffles, ties) is simply bad on the eye. A lot of fabric there will only make the bust line appear bigger and that is actually bad visually.

V-necks, depending on the size of the opening itself can go either way, a smaller v-neck will most likely look bad and bust may appear larger, and a low v-neck may enhance and show the girls in great light, but it won't be for the family event or in church for example.

So what can one do to enhance and not inflate the situation?  Here's the scoop:  a scoop neckline provides a middle ground for the girls to relax in~

This type of neckline will accentuate the positive and have just enough coverage to ensure modesty at public events.

So now that you have the scoop, enjoy picking out some smooth front scoop necklines for you and the girls!     Photo image :

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