Thursday, April 7, 2016

Some Quick Exercising Myths

You've come along way baby.........

Things in the gym have changed; working out isn't about all or nothing.....

The way one works out has as much to do with the final results as what exercises you do!

3 Myths were:

1. calorie myth: It turns out it's not true if you exercise more it burns more calories and more calories equals weight loss~

2. do only a single type of exercise each day~ again not true Cardio and resistance should go together!

3. exercising too hard, too long and too frequently ~ It will pump too much cortisol!

By working out smarter you'll get the results you'll need, for example:

Short bursts of exercise burns way more calories! Work smarter NOT harder!
Include cardio, resistance and physical conditioning in your overall workout.

Rest when you feel you need to. This will help to spark that "calorie burning machine" to work on its own!

And even if one cannot achieve a full 30 minutes of quick burst exercising, scientists and the medical field have proven that even walking at a good pace for 30 minutes at least 6 times per week will have significant cardio benefit.

Good Luck working out

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