Monday, June 7, 2010

Tone Down Your Stress

If you are like so many of us, you are running on the treadmill of life and feeling like the gerbil running on its wheel, just slow down.

It is proven that stress takes years off our lives and we can do everything to help to change that. How? How about quiet meditation? Most people will find some excuse not to do it or they can't find the time, or some may even feel "weird" about it!

By keeping it rather simple one can meditate without doing a full-blown meditation. We are not talking about some entranced state or extreme lengths of obligation. Just simply finding a quiet spot in the house and sitting in a comfortable place, chair,or even on the patio outdoors. Wherever you can find your oasis in your life this is where you go.

It is up to you and your personal preferences some people like to sit on the floor, or some enjoy laying down; again it is up to you.

Start by closing your eyes, and breathing in deeply and slowly fully relaxing into yourself and let go of tension. Try to make yourself feel like a rag-doll or weightless. Try to straighten your body, if you are sitting concentrate on your posture and if you are laying down concentrate on stretching out your limbs and in both you will release your tension.

To get the full benefits of meditation, try to get into the routine of doing it consistently and for about 20 minutes at a time.

Meditation can help you feel better by lowering your blood pressure and helping to aid in focus. Sometimes stress and tension can even bring us into a place of depressive behaviors, meditation after a time can center us and bring us into stability. You will surprise yourself that your energy level will rise and you may even have set goals for yourself that you may attain after several personal sessions of meditation.

Life is complicated and meditation can help you relax and free yourself of burdens even if it is only twenty minutes or so each time.

Enjoy relaxing!

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